Trends of travellers in India

The tourism industry is heading for a comeback. Travellers in India are looking for quick getaways through road trips, weekend breaks, and staycations. The way people used to travel earlier has changed a lot now. A survey by on the future of travel shows that 77 percent of Indians mentioned they would only book accommodations if it was clear what health and hygiene policies a destination had in place, with 71 percent saying they would avoid certain destinations altogether due to safety concerns.The pandemic has impacted the way people approach travel-related decisions, aspects of which are likely to last for some time. 

Let’s have a look at the trends of travellers

  • Growth in sustainable tourism 

People have realized the importance of implementing sustainable ways of traveling because of the pandemic. The tourist now is looking out for ecotourism to get in touch with nature and is focusing on being a responsible traveller.They want to travel to natural areas to experience the local culture and contribute towards the sustainable growth of the environment. Tourists have become more eco-friendly nowadays and have become more conscious.

  • Workcations 

Due to the pandemic, a new concept came up which is, workcations which are work plus vacation. Business travelers are said to be rising this year because many companies are opting to work from anywhere culture. This is why they have come up with brilliant travel plans that will help employees work along with leisure. The concept of business travel is getting popular as people have started to realize that all people need is electricity and a good internet connection to work.

  • Solo travel

The solo travel trend is gaining more momentum with the pandemic. It is when solo travelers are looking to save money and time by getting out of their comfort zone and meeting other solo travelers while traveling. It is becoming more popular among the youths now.

  • Safety and hygiene

Since the covid, safety and hygiene have become a priority for travelers across the globe. And the travel industry is already implementing major guidelines and protocols to provide a safe environment. Before planning travel, people are concerned about the situation of destinations due to the pandemic.

  • Increase in domestic tourism

People are preferring to travel to domestic destinations now, and are more into exploring unexplored or less crowded destinations. And among the domestic destinations, Kashmir, Leh-Ladakh, Himachal, Andamans, Goa, and Kerala have caught the fancy of the travelers.

  • Preference for road trips

People have started opting for short road trips due to the restrictions and travel bans. Some tourists have started avoiding public transport like buses, trains or even airlines. Instead, they plan to go on road trips in their vehicles or rent a car, as it is a safer option. Road trips are popular among tourists of all age groups and families. Also, it reduces the travel expenses and a lot of options of destination to choose from.


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