Thailand to reopen for tourism

"Thai Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha in a nationally televised broadcast last night announced that Thailand planned to allow fully vaccinated foreign visitors to enter Thailand by air with no quarantine requirements from 1 November."

Thailand will relax its strict Covid-19 travel regulations for some tourists in November. The country has announced that from November 1, travellers from 10 countries will be able to visit without quarantine so long as they are fully vaccinated. In the initial phase, it will allow fully vaccinated travellers from at least 10 low-risk countries, including China, Germany, Singapore, the UK and USA. The list will be expanded from 1 December, and further enhanced to a very extensive list from 1 January.
Under the plan, fully vaccinated foreign visitors from the approved countries will need to show that they are COVID-free at their time of travel with an RT-PCR test undertaken before they leave their home country, and do a test in Thailand, after which they will be free to move around Thailand in the same way that any Thai citizen can do, the Prime Minister said.
Visitors from countries not on the list, will, of course, still be much welcomed, but with quarantine and other requirements.

Apart from this, fully vaccinated visitors under the “Sandbox” programme to Phuket are welcome to stay within the destination for seven nights, and afterwards will be able to continue their journey to other parts of Thailand.
Phuket Sandbox is a pilot project started on 1st July, 2021 to open the Kingdom of Thailand to tourists from around the world over the coming months. This pilot project allows certain low and medium risk countries  to let their tourists enter the island of Phuket under certain conditions with the focus on allowing tourists to move around Thailand freely after remaining in a SHA Plus hotel on Phuket for 14 nights. As a pilot project, tourists would be required to have been fully vaccinated  prior  to arrival whilst the Phuket hotels must reach a minimum of 70% staff vaccination ratio under the SHA Plus certification.
Tourists would not be required to undergo quarantine restrictions but remain on Phuket until after a negative Covid-19 test on day 6-7 and after day 12-13 they can enjoy Amazing Thailand countrywide.
The success of this project relies on both fully vaccinated tourists and Phuket locals and if successful then we will be able to open other provinces in the Royal Kingdom of Thailand.

If you are planning to visit the country through sandbox programme, check the following details for the same

And, even the COVID cases rate has reduced in Phuket at a decent rate now, so it’s quite safe to visit through the Phuket sandbox programme, and then one can enjoy their vacation at other parts of the country as well. Also, the vaccination drive is going on in the country with among a total population of 66.1 million, vaccinated people as of Oct. 13 numbered 36.1 million for the first dose and 24.4 million for the second dose. Soon Thailand will be all set for opening tourism in all of its regions.



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