Journey of budding Travel enthusiast:- SHIVANGI KHANNA


Miss SHIVANGI KHANNA is a Highly enthusiastic, travel passionate, content creator, blogger and digital marketer. She shared Her motivation, journey and challenges with us. Her goal is to explore different cultures and meet new people. She is a part time worker and full-time explorer. Her dedication to provide new and trendy content is now helping her reach heights in world of social media.


When your journey started and how was the start for you?

My professional journey as travel content creator started after the lockdown period. I have always Loved to explore places, meeting new people and learn something new out of it. Traveling is like an Outdoor classroom for me now, that help me gain offbeat experiences

What is your proud achievement till now?

I am a novice in this field. But, decision of following my dreams and helping people travel better, creating content is now Step towards achieving goals


What challenges have you faced as a blogger?

Understanding Algorithm of social media as an influencer is a daily struggle for me

Being financially stable by working part time to follow my passion has been a challenge in itself

Travelling as a Solo female traveller is something which was challenging in its start but now it is all about enjoying your own company


What is your educational background?

After my schooling I was very clear about what I want to do further. Therefore, I opted for this course in St Xavier called Travel and Tourism Vocational Course. I also Worked in a company to gain experience, and still managing work by keeping travelling as my priority


What is your motivation behind all this?

I was Fond of travelling from childhood as I belong to an army family which lead to more travelling experience. Travelling eventually lead me exploring different cultures, meeting people. My passion of travelling motivates to do what I do today.


Top 3 travel tips for audience?

I always try not to think a lot and would refer to stay open for new experiences.

Be more accepting to everything as all trips doesn’t always take you to positive roads

Follow your heart, explore more local locations, and try to know more deep culture of it

What are your monetization methods?

As a content creator I get sponsored stays, small collaborations, part time jobs, and now I’m official partner with app such as moj


Top 3 favourite places which you cherish the most.

Himachal Pradesh it has always been my go to place, majestic snow, mountains, lush green forests have captivated my attention everytime.

Netherland, as it was my first European trip and first time exploring Dutch culture and trying their local food, and meeting more accepting people

Madhya Pradesh, it is my hometown and obviously has a lot of potential for tourism, orcha is my favourite, it is a small town and I call it my charm gateway


How has pandemic affected you?

I Graduated just before pandemic, and couldn’t start with the journey as traveller just after that. Therefore, had to start with work from home internship for financial balance, and learnt digital marketing side by to help me in blogging.


How do you outlook travel industry in India?

It has started growing in terms of tourism as many states tourism promotion have come up. Pandemic has somehow changed the things, as people wanted to travel more after the whole lockdown period, short trips and workcations have come up in trend.


Shivangi believes in learning something new in every trip. She began documenting her travels on her Instagram – purple_wanderlust to not just re-live her travel but also, share information to other travellers seeking information about a destination. Her travel interests are quite diverse.




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