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Nowadays, Modern emails seem to be morphing into microsites. Email design is becoming more sophisticated, including various types of interactive content. Interactive emails allow subscribers to engage with content directly in the email, without visiting your website. There are many tools designed specifically to help you add interactivity to your emails. These emails offer subscribers the necessary functionality for them to take the desired action. Interactive elements can include taking a quiz, watching a video directly within the email.

Here are five major benefits of utilising interactivity in your email campaigns – 

1) Increased engagement

2) Boost in conversion rates

3) Higher click-through rates

4) Better and more qualified leads

5) Give subscribers exactly what they want


Elements of Interactive Emails



Clicking links has always been part of emails, but the action has typically involved a simple link or image redirects to a site outside the email. Incorporating clickable buttons in your emails can spark actions and responses from clients within emails themselves.

How can it be used; Buttons have all sorts of uses in emails, much like they do on websites, including revealing content and experiences.



Polls and ratings

It’s a well known fact that feedback from customers is immensely valuable and productive to any business and email is a great way to get it.  Interactive emails can include polls and ratings in campaigns which can be useful in assessing customers’ experience. The star rating is the easiest one for users as they don't need to go anywhere — they rate your services directly in an email

  1. Countdown timers
  • If you want to stimulate attention and immediacy in your customers, Countdown timers are a great way for marketers to include it into their interactive emails. Many brands are starting to include live countdowns in their emails too.

For example, An email can be sent to your customers which tracks down to the second how long people have to purchase your product before prices increase is a good example of how a countdown can be used to remind audiences that time is limited.

  1. Image carousel in emails

Image carousel is a way of displaying a few photos of product items on one screen. Image carousels are trendy on websites and social media by huge brands—especially eCommerce brands because they are a great tool for effortlessly displaying multiple offerings as well as different views of the same offering. In emails, image carousels can promote the items with prices and descriptions .

  1. Videos embedded in emails

Interactive email marketing can be really beneficial: Videos in emails, for instance, can increase CTR by up to 85%. And 65% of recipients are more likely to buy from you when they have an opportunity to watch a video about the products you promote in emails.

There are 3 ways to add video in emails:

using a video from Youtube/Vimeo

Email client shows just the thumbnail image from youtube or vimeo.

uploading your video in mp4 format

By doing this, you create an interactive email, consequently, the video is played directly in recipients’ inboxes;

6.Social feeds

Nowadays, people check their social feeds more than their emails. So it’s important to bring social media feeds into emails to grab their attention.  Incorporating live twitter feed and instagram feed in emails can be a helpful asset to drive more organic customers towards your business.

Example: On Mother’s Day, email from a travel company can incorporate Instagram and Twitter posts tagged with #TravelwithHer which enables the brand to showcase real celebrations for the day and side by side promoting the spirit of travel among customers.


Interactive emails use cases in Travel

Interactive embedded videos

Travel companies can send you interactive videos embedded in their emails to explore destinations you’ve always wanted to visit but from the comfort of your sofa. During the videos, you get the options beneath them to choose what kind of holiday you want. These videos provide a virtual insight into the potential destination as well as activities or tours you could take. You can choose from luxury to budget, chilled to adventurous or from taking a cooking course to a day on the beach, the possibilities are endless.

Polls and surveys

Tour operators put together a survey of their tour products and services they have given to their customers. Through this they can find out f which bits proved the most memorable and which bits need improvement. Lastly, another benefit of surveys is collecting demographic data, such as age range, how they heard about your tours, where they travelled from etc. This is invaluable information for future targeted marketing. This will also get your clients involved in the tour-making process by surveying or polling their experiences on your tours via email such as asking them what was their favourite or least favourite part of their experience.

Holding contests through Emails

Engaging customers through holding contests in emails is absolutely key to attracting them and helps maintain loyalty to your tourism website. Hosting contests is a great way of keeping your current customers interested while also attracting new ones.

Tour operators can host contests like Photo contests where they can embed pics of destinations from insta and customers have to guess the answer in the comments from their own social media. Prizes can include travel vouchers for your tours or perhaps some essential equipment to take a trip with you in the future.

Other than Photo contests, travel companies can also host writing contests that look to reward those who can give the best write-up of your tour! Other ideas include vintage like lotteries, prize draws or rewards for filling out a surveys

Travel Catalogue

 Allowing your users to navigate your catalogue through a email, much as they navigate your website, provides more engagement opportunities. It can also significantly improve your click through rate. It provides exploring through your products and services without opening your website

Rotational Banners

Emails that contain a lot of information can present it in a clean and catchy manner by using rotational banners. These interactive elements allow consumers to flip through multiple images, each with a separate message embedded within.

Rotating banners are perfect for tour and travel companies that are showcasing various packages.





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