Insights from Traveler and Celebrity Photographer: SONIK ROONWAL

Presenting a short snippet of our recent conversation with Mr. Sonik, an avid traveller and self made celebrity photographer. Find out the interesting insights about his journey!!


A restless ball of energy, enthusiastic  traveller, celebrity photographer & videographer Sonik Roonwal is known for his passionate content creation. His love for mountains is eternal. He has been in this profession for the past 8 years. He’s a photography enthusiast and a travel blogger by passion. Sonik is a total sucker for lofty mountains.


How many countries have you visited till now?

I have visited 6-7 countries till now, among which Nepal, Bhutan, and Bali have been my favorite.  


What is 3 must-have travel gear for you while traveling?

I am a mountain person; therefore, my needs have always been dependent on my trekking needs which are as follows: 

  • Trekking bag (for carrying all necessary goods required for mountain trip)
  • Go pro (capturing all the necessary cinematic shots and photographers as content)
  • Trekking boots (providing comfort and making the trip easy and convenient to travel in)


Tips for all the wanderlust-ERS out there


  • Carry all the necessary equipment or either make a proper travel list so that you don’t miss out on anything important
  • Pre-plan the trip 1 month before, and in case you are a budding travel content creator then it’s very important to plan up day-to-day content and topics. So that it becomes easy to manage things on time.
  • I am a mountain person with that experience I would suggest checking the bag weight as soon as planned and packed.
  • Have a proper health check-up and pack all emergency medicines according to requirements. 


What lessons have you learned till now?

  • Be patient 
  • Post consistently on social media
  • Stay confident and courageous


Which places do you cherish the most?          

  • Bhutan
  • Kashmir
  • Bali
  • Auli


How has it been for you being a celebrity photographer?

I have been passionate about photography, but celebrity photography is something I didn’t expected I will be able to do. Being a celebrity photographer has always been a dream, and now looking forward for more celebrity events .


What has been your proud accomplishment till date?

Capturing my all-time favourite singer (Armaan Malik) during his concert in Chennai is my biggest accomplishment till date!


Now recognised as a celebrity photographer, Sonik has successfully developed a personal connection with his audience by staying consistent with his Instagram content creation. He now interacts with his fans consistently and record his travel life and provides travel guidance to people through his videos. We wish him with many more great adventures and exciting experiences!!



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