Importance of Travel CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a technology for managing all your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. A Travel CRM helps travel and tourism companies to manage their customer relationships from a single cloud suite. The travel CRM software covers all the aspects of the tourism industry. It includes travel agents, tour operators, hotels, activity managers, and destination service agents. The only difference between a travel CRM and a typical CRM is that the former is designed specifically to serve the purpose of the travel and tourism industry and the latter, on the other hand, provides customer relationship management services.


Benefits of Travel CRM

  1.       Lead Management 

Lead Management involves keeping a track of the sales leads and distribution, managing the campaigns, designing customized forms, finalizing the mailing lists, and studying the purchase patterns of the customers.  The travel agency CRM software not only helps you to track inquiries but it also lets you to capture details like lead source, date, industry, competitors, websites, multiple contacts and hosts of other fields. You can also store all of this information for future reference. With TravStack’s CRM you can manage your leads, bookings and orders at one place.

  1.       Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation involves streamlining and scheduling various processes that run in parallel. It reduces costs and time, and prevents assigning the same task to multiple employees.

Automation can provide a large number of benefits to travel companies. Ability to reduce costs can be considered as the main benefit out of them. That’s because travel agencies are reducing the total number of manual processes that have to go through from the hands of the employees. Then the agency will be merging them to an automated planning system. By doing this, travel agencies will also be eliminating human error. Travstack’s CRM provides the automation to streamline the workflow and all the other benefits that come with it.

  1.       Marketing strategy

It’s always a struggle for a travel agent or a tour operator to come up with marketing strategies. A travel CRM for travel industry is one of the best marketing strategies to get more customers. The marketing campaigns provide emails and SMS campaigns through which you can reach a larger group of targeted customers.  As a travel organization, maintaining a personal connection with your existing customers through emails, newsletters, and personal messaging will show empathy towards your customer even when there is no monetary transaction happening at the moment in that period. Travstack’s CRM creates amazing email campaigns and social media campaigns to market your most popular packages, monitor outcomes and make right business decisions.

  1.       Superior customers’ experience

Customer experience is such a factor that is linked with several other benefits to the travel companies like – enhanced brand image, retains existing customers, promotes customer loyalty, helps to acquire new customers and in turn increases profit and revenue of the company. 

Only a well informed employee can provide utmost customer service and to achieve satisfaction amongst your customer you need to bridge the gap of communication. And that bridge is the travel CRM software. It helps the executives to understand the customer’s expectations, needs and wants by helping them solve inquiries and provide the necessary services more accurately. The system analyses the customer interaction pattern, booking history, and customers’ preferences to offer more personalized service. It also ensures the right form of response from your side to the customers.


  1.       Advanced Reporting

The travel and tourism industry uses reports and dashboards to track their current performance, goal completions, and predict future sales. Travel CRM has a detailed reporting system that provides separate reports on your leads, opportunities, and customers. With this, you can measure the performance of your sales and agents.

  1.       Booking Management

There can be problems with double bookings if there isn’t any efficient way of booking management. To avoid this, an efficient booking system is needed to enhance the profitability of the travel companies. With a streamlined travel CRM, the executives can neatly manage all the bookings, check their calendars for availability, and ensure accurate delivery of services. Also, the executives using travel CRM software can track the previous bookings of a customer directly from their individual profile. With this, the agent can understand the loyalty of the customers and their preferred destinations

  1.     Automation Of Sales 

Automation of sales includes forecasting, recording sales, processing, and keeping a track of the potential interactions. One of the key benefits of a travel CRM is dedicated sales processing. A CRM delivers specific sales modules that make selling easier.

  1.       Time Management

Travel crm software ensures the proper optimization of time. The software provides amazing features for the executives which helps them to optimize their time according to the assigned work. It creates an itinerary for the executives to organize, centralize & automate business operations. When all the information is provided under a single platform, business management gets easier. Also, Workflow automation and Automated reports cut down the working time of your business.

  1.       Alerts & Notifications

Travel CRM systems can now send automatic notifications to customers on any action related to their account. Alerts and notifications are always appreciated by the customers. Not only this, the employees and their managers also receive emails and news feeds on any action related to their customer’s accounts. This ensures smart management and prevents focus on repetitive tasks.

  1.   Lead Generation

Lead generation is one of the utmost important factors that contribute to a tour business, although conversion rate makes the real difference but more lead you will generate greater conversion rate you can have. The Travel CRM collects quite a lot of data regarding customer preferences and feedback analyses, in turn the executives make use of it and track various responses. The crm also comes in handy in gathering information on your target demographic and creating personal connections will help you bring new leads.


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