How to earn money as a travel influencer

Are you also thinking of becoming an influencer in this pandemic time but tired of waiting for yourself to collaborate with amazing brands?

Hmm.. it sounds so exciting to be an influencer and collaborate with good brands and earn from it.

In the modern era, it has become a  popular trend to earn from collaborations.

But collaboration with other brands is not easy until and unless you are a popular celebrity or you carry a lot of fan following on social media. Still, this doesn’t mean you will stop chasing your dreams.

Don’t brood, Travstack is here to help you to monetize your earning as an influencer without collaborating with brands and earning for yourself.

Have you heard or have any idea about travel influencers? We will give you a brief idea about who is a travel influencer, how one can become, and how you can earn from it. So, a travel influencer is someone who influences people’s lives through their travel experiences. 

They are essentially a content creator who writes about or posts pictures and videos about the different places around the world that he/she visits. People get inspired and fascinated by their content. 

They cover destinations in their tour and publish about work as a guide for visiting the same place to those who want to visit that place. Many of us cannot even dream about visiting Spain or Switzerland. 

So, such people travel and experience the world through the posts or pictures of the influencer.  

Nowadays, Online content has gotten incredibly popular for a handful of motivating reasons. First, it’s easier than ever to publish your content: Anyone (even those with no money) can start a blog. And another demand for online content is skyrocketing; more people are reading blogs, watching videos, and engaging with social media influencers than ever before.

Let’s take a look at what you should do as an influencer, you can’t rely on building a user base and do shoutouts every time it is a long shot and requires lots of patience and also sounds boring too. Just imagine you are spending your whole day on social media and giving shoutouts which will ultimately bore your audience too.  Have thought of using immediate network marketing?

We will tell you some ways through which you can stand out of the crowd and still earn a great amount of money for yourself. And it sounds interesting, right? Come with us let's have a look into it in 


1. Special services

The wow factor of this service is that you can start earning from day one. At Travstack we will provide you with whitelabelled  portfolio through which you can offer slots to your audience. Suppose you are an influencer and you have deep knowledge about North America. So, people who want to travel to this continent can take advice from you. There will be direct contact between you and the customer. Customers will book a suitable slot with you depending on which days you are available then through this service you will act as an influencer plus consultant to your followers. Engaging right? Without collaborating with brands you will be able to monetize your expertise.

2. Conduct Webinars for Your ideal House

Be an inspiration to your audience, With us, you will get a unique feature of conducting webinars for your audience. It’s an engrossing way to interact with your followers.

You can organize webinars in which you can share your travel experiences with them. It’s a special way to connect with your followers, no matter how much you write in your blog but the real story is always felt to others through your face-to-face interaction. You can even share your skills with them, whatever is the unique skill you can share with them on the platform.

3. Develop your Product

Products are everywhere but what makes them unique is you. How you put your knowledge and skill in creating the product makes you different from others. Every travel influencer writes a blog and shares their link to the blog in the Instagram bio or in the post with pictures. Don’t you think it is old style and very boring to the audience? Do you also want to do the same thing again and gain an audience from it? What if we tell you we can have a different way in this too?

4. Content Affiliate Marketing

Travelling is one of the most searched categories when it comes to affiliate marketing. It brings in billions of revenues to the global economy. It is also the most loved sector as the majority of people love to travel the world. Affiliate marketing means which allows affiliates to earn commissions by promoting online products. 

The affiliates find a product they enjoy, promote that product by promoting the affiliate link on online mediums, and earn a reward in the form of a commission from each sale that occurs through their affiliate link. For example TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel site with 795 million reviews from users. By partnering with TripAdvisor, you will be able to provide your audience with over 1.4 million accommodation options and make money online. For the time being, TripAdvisor only pays a commission on hotels, while other travel products (such as restaurants, car rentals, etc.) are not commissionable.The TripAdvisor affiliate program is open for blogs with any amount of traffic, as long as they align with the company’s brand. The management team will check the overall look and feel of affiliate sites and decide whether they’ll be a good match for TripAdvisor.

Raddison blue hotel affliated TripAdvisor link on their browsing page, so that people browsing their catalogue of rooms will click the link of their reviews. 

If you are honest in your blogs then you have already won the heart of your audience. Blogging increases the chances of earning money through affiliate products, helping you gain audience trust. When people trust your expertise, knowledge, and opinion, they are likely to follow your recommendations.


5. Patreon

If you’re a travel influencer, you must have your blog or youtube or social media channel where you post your content. You can earn money by splitting your content between what is freely available to all and what members must pay to access. Influencers and creators can sign-up for Patreon to manage all of their top fans in one place. Followers join an influencer's Patreon by paying a monthly or per post subscription. With each new subscriber, creators earn money, and with enough subscriber support, many creators are able to earn a decent living.

6. Placing Ads

Travel influencers who blog about travel journeys, destinations make money by allowing advertisers to display advertisements in and around the art, photography, and writing they publish on their website. Travel influencers can make money by putting advertisements on their websites or social media. With high traffic to their platform, a lucrative income can come in a way of advertising fees. In some cases, bloggers and influencers make money based on visitor clicks, while at other times they are paid any time the advertisement appears on a follower’s screen.


 7. Working with travel brands

Probably the best monetization model for travel influencers

Many Travel influencers make money by serving as brand ambassadors. Instead of simply promoting a brand through a single sponsored post, the influencer will regularly discuss the products and services offered by the company in order to generate overall brand awareness. Travel brands require influencers because they have a strong impact on travelers because their content is genuine and trustworthy. They provide social proof for destinations and brands alike and confirm a brand or location’s credibility to potential guests. Travel influencers can work with travel brands like hotels and tourism boards etc and earn money.


8. Sponsored content

Sponsored content broadly refers to influencer content which was produced in partnership with a sponsoring brand. The heavy-handedness of the "sell" will vary. The influencer might just give the brand a quick 'shoutout: or they might integrate a product deeply into the content.  If you have a website or a great social media presence you can earn a lot through sponsorships This is, therefore, is one of the top ways influencers make money. In social media sponsored posts, brands pay influencers to feature products and services on their social media pages. This sponsored content might appear in an Instagram story, a Facebook post, or a YouTube video.

 9. Selling Digital Products

Posting webinars to social media isn’t the only way a social media influencer can market digital products to earn money.  Travel influencers can accumulate their experiences in E-books and online tutorials that can be sold over time from a blog, other website or social media platform. Followers interested in learning more about the influencer’s expertise will purchase these digital products, and the sales can accumulate over time.

You can also monetize your travel expertise by saving time and money for someone planning a trip for them

You can earn from your clients by becoming their advisor. Your clients are likely going to need some help making travel plans. And they might not have all the information they need.

That’s where you step in and become their consultant. You can guide them about the best places according to climate, seasons, timings, security, political situations, and cost et cetera. Keeping their preferences in mind should be the priority. 

 10.  Events and Appearances

Travel influencers are modern celebrities, and therefore have the potential to draw a crowd anywhere they go. An influencer can make money by hosting a live or online event and charging followers to participate. Likewise, another travel brand might pay you to appear at its own event, knowing that the celebrity presence will attract a crowd

  11.  Creating Content for Blogs, Vlogs and Podcasts

For most travel influencers, content creation can be a full time job to earn money. They often spend hours every day developing posts for their blogs, vlogs and podcasts. Without the content, they have no following to market products and make money.




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