How DAAG AACHE HAI always reminds you of SURF EXCEL and TODO NAHI JODO connects you with FEWIKWIK

These taglines are called Creative ADVERTISING. It is a way of advertising practice that brings together brand identities all together to make ad campaigns. Its is important to have your own brand image in audience mind. So that when such lines are spoken up, the brand directly strikes. It is creative way to share the BRAND  story to promote and optimize conversions.


How do creative advertising always work out?

It is more than important to have Creative Advertising as these days people hardly remember an advertisement even after watching it several times during the day. There is comparatively more emphasis on quantity nowadays than quality, leading to a decrease in creative and effective advertisements.

And if advertisement is not something out of the box, or something that audience can relate to. Then It is way too easy for them to skip the ad and move on with their shows and videos. 

Advertisements with unconventional and relatable content would surely lead a brand to reach millions and create a space in audience mind. People through Creative Advertising would remember both the ad and the brand.

Types of creative ads?

Social Media- Social media advertising platforms are so powerful nowadays that you can specify exactly who to display your ads to. It is a vast platforms that can easily attract a number of audience

Paid Search- In simple words, paid search is pay-per-click. It is a way of Search engine marketing or search engine optimization. Through these businesses advertise within the sponsored listing by paying each time their ad is clicked.

Native- Also called sponsored content or paid content, this advertisement is designed in such a way that it keeps on appearing in your feed of recommended videos. Native ads are commonly used for more detailed promoting of a product, cause, or brand.

Display Advertising- Display advertisement presents the opportunity to build brand awareness with offers in a wide variety of ad formats. And, those ads actually have the potential to reach users on millions of websites around the globe. Display advertising is an excellent way to get clicks, conversions, and sales from users who might not have an interest in your business but have found your display ad relevant to the solution they were searching for.

How can audience feel connected through ads?

Advertisements aims to directly connect to the audience, first of all must attract the attention of the audience, advertising creative must correctly grasp the psychology of the audience. people have diversified demands for advertising, especially in today's rapid development and transmission of information, in order to better improve the visibility of enterprises and businesses, it is necessary to effectively use advertising to publicize enterprises and products. It is very important for good advertisement to be creative; visually appealing and advertising language should address the psychological needs of the audience. Excellent advertising creative must correctly grasp the psychology of the audience, designers can promote the audience's psychological response. Creativity is the soul of advertising and branding. It is what gives life to messages about products and services that may otherwise be boring or insignificant in the hearts and minds of target customers. Advertisers often turn to advertising agencies for the design and development of ad campaigns and take a gamble on what will work best.

How advertisement enhance audience

Creative advertisement is a well-known as strategy for increasing brand exposure. Companies can fill their website with valuable and interesting advertisement or user-generated content that helps drive traffic. This is a very effective way to get your brand in front of people, using creativity to increase your brand exposure is primarily about establishing an unexpected connection with consumers. One simple way to do this is by telling the story of your brand in the most effective way. 

For eg:- Surf excel ad shows what childhood is like. It emphasizes the fact that stains aren't evil, especially if they happened for good reasons. The ad also suggests that a stain isn't anything to panic, and regardless of how the clothes get dirty, Surf will clean them shining again. Any time one of their customers dirty their clothes they are reminded of the company’s unique brand identity that is DAAG AACHE HAI.

Sometimes a brand can get exposure by telling its story to a whole new population segment. Coca cola is a brand that has been around for over a century and is commonly associated with distribution machines in centres in India and Pakistan.   As part of this initiative, Coca Cola has installed vending machines at malls in India and Pakistan. These smart machines offered free coke cans as long as you and your friend in the other country were willing to perform the fun tasks that the machine gave you. This campaign left everybody laughing at something and created a strong brand image.

Undoubtedly, one of the strongest ways to boost a brand’s exposure is by having satisfied customers who are eager to advocate for that brand via online reviews or other platforms because it aligns closely with their own identity, often clearly defined with brand language. 

In our hearts, fevikwik ad was very well thought out and tugged. The ad was about how a good Indian soldier makes use of Fevikwik to repair the shoes of a Pakistani soldier to save him from embarrassment.

Since the friction between India and Pakistan has been constant, this ad has tried to extend a hand of friendship. This program has been highly embraced by everyone and has helped to build a positive brand picture.


All in all, commercials can inspire us, empower us, entertain us and, most importantly, they can bring us together. In each of the above advertisements, you would have noted that they do not actually specifically advertise the brand but go with a concept that people will relate with. This is a perfect Marketing art lesson. ideas involved in planning and developing an advertising campaign must understand the importance of balancing the ‘it’s not creative unless it sells’ perspective with the novelty/uniqueness and impact position. Advertising creativity has the ability to generate fresh, unique, and appropriate ideas that can be used as solutions to communication problems. To be appropriate and effective, a creative idea must be relevant to the target audience.




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