Co Founder of Firgun Travels: Anany Shukla

Anany Shukla is complete package of talent, he is guy with enthusiasm, will power and kindness towards all. Our team recently got chance to interview mister trekker.  His soothing photography and his prolific writing keep his experience real and down to earth which many can relate to.  His travel content is designed for optimum information consumption with a simple layout, clean and content-centric. What we personally love about him was his way of producing high-quality outdoor lifestyle content that features engaging and authentic travel stories and stunning photography of the outdoors around the world.

Which was your recent trip and what is it about?

My recent trip was 5400m long trek to EVEREST BASE CAMP which lasted for 2-week. We were group of 8, it was challenging as we faced a lot of altitude sickness issues. But overall, it was a great trip, and we all completed it together.

When and how your journey started?

I was working in corporate sector of Bangalore as investment banker at Goldman sachs and worked there for 3 years, I quit my job during second wave of covid. As second wave made me realise that life doesn’t offer you much time, so do what you are willing to do now. At that time, I started exploring what I’m really good at. I saved up some money and started travelling from July 2021 onwards, went for few road trips, then I started creating some content on Instagram, I started uploading posts, reels and usually write down my feelings in form of captions. Once my portfolio started looking good, I lead 8 trips for a company and that’s how I started making money in this industry. After all that I launched my own travel company in APRIL and our trips are now going to start from July onwards.

Which was your first official trip as content creator?

My first trip as a creator was for a month to MULKI (village near Mangalore, Karnataka), that was the first time I shot content for a company with my DSLR and GOPRO. And as an volunteer I officially started creating content, which eventually gave me chance to experiment with different equipment’s, and also learnt how to shoot and edit content.

What are your achievements till now and what took to achieve them?

My achievement would probably be the people that I have earned while trip leading and amount of love that I have received through social media, I have led 8 trips till now to different parts of the country and have trekked to Kashmir, Meghalaya and now Everest space camp. I have felt happiness and loved connecting with people. And now positive comments under my posts, reels going viral, all of this is making me feel like I am achieving happiness on daily basis.

How many countries have you visited till now?

Apart from India I have travelled to: 






What is Firgun Travels and how it came up?

Ans: - Firgun was launched on 23rd April, its meaning is (unselfish joy that you receive when you see others happy), and it was something that I was feeling while I was trip leading, So I planned to take this thought to larger scale. Therefore, my motive behind this was to bring 15-20 strangers together and trip lead them and provide them with comfortable environment where in they can come up with their experiences and open up with their thoughts. This is both domestic and international project, here we also customize trips if someone wants to travel with families or friends. We have launched this project in 2 cities already namely Bangalore and Delhi.

Top 3 lessons that u have learnt so far?

*Be kind to everyone, because anyone who you meet is going through something, therefore I believe in being polite with everyone.

*Life is too short to live for, so whatever u want to achieve the time is now, and I would suggest that without overthinking just give it a shot.

*Life is not at all easy, never take things for granted. Try giving your best. Keep working hard and you’ll eventually get what you are searching for.


What kind of travel content are you expert in?

Most of the time I try to generalize the content, my posts and captions would be something through which my audience can connect. One niche that are always try to capture is word SUKOON. Through my reels and posts that is what I try to deliver people. My motive has always been to connect with people and make them feel peaceful through my content.



What are the challenges that u have faced after entering this industry?

As a content creator it is very important to be consistent all the time, you cannot post similar content, there should always be something new and different every time. For that it is important to be attentive and keep Learning from everyone around you.

As a photographer, which camera do you use and what is the theme behind your photography?

I use my phone (I phone 12 pro), and DSLR (canon E 50) and go pro for making videos.

While travelling I try to put out content that is engaging to my audience, so that they can know who I am as a person. That is why, it is mostly relatable content.


Kis shehar ka paani mere paaon ko chuyega,

Uska pata nahi hai

Who dost joh roz state the, Unki ab khabar nahi hai


Fati jeebon mien yeh banjara bas

Yaadien liye chal raha hai,

Mere sar par ab kisi aur ke kaam ka bojh nahi hai








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