Being a travel content creator my destiny? - Kadambari Bhatte.

Kadambari is a lady with a stunning and charismatic personality. She has lived and worked a significant part of her life in India, Singapore and Australia which she calls her home. Her love for travel is endless as she has travelled to 40-plus countries to date. From being a corporate lawyer to a travel writer her journey said it all. Do you also think everything is served to her on a platter or Does she grab all the opportunities by herself? 

This blog is all about her journey from working a nine-to-five job to finding love and passion in travelling. Read on to know more about her journey as a lucrative travel content creator.


 Q1) What’s your biggest(personal and proudest/happiest) achievement as a Travel Blogger?    

My most significant achievement 🏆 as a travel blogger…umm. I don’t think I have yet achieved everything. So, but till now I would say writing for the Singapore Tourism Board has been something I cherish.


Q2) When did that transition moment come to switch careers to travel full time, and what prompted you to travel more?

I have been travelling ever since I was a child. So, I did not transition from a day job to a traveller in a moment. I used to travel even when I had the 9-5 job as a corporate lawyer. But yeah, I started my journey as a full-time writer probably two and a half years ago. And ahh...My motivation is that I love meeting new people and learning about new cultures. It sounds cliché but that's what makes me feel like this is what we live for! I love to see new places and new experiences in life outside of what has always been taught, like taking a step outside of our bubble, and probably taking a leap of faith and going to new places, which helps me learn more about myself than the place. Every time I go somewhere. I know a little about myself like “Oh, Okay I am not just an introvert I love talking to people”, So, I feel there is something inside me that pushes me to chit-chat with other people. This is the main reason why I love to step out and explore more places. 

Interviewer- “So you are not the person who stays in your comfort zone?”

Kadambari - “I have to say that I am a homebody when I am at home. I love to stay at home. But I love to create my spaces from what I have seen. For example, I will get things from each place like little fridge magnets, cushion covers, and painting like a creative space where I feel at home but still, I don’t want to run away, So I am still a homebody but when I am out I want to step out of my comfort zone and go everywhere”.

 Interviewer - That’s interesting !!!.

 Kadambari - “I know that’s is something contradictory but yeah that's true”


Q3) What are some of your most memorable trips? Any two you would like to tell. And a place that you don't mind visiting repeatedly?

Hmm…My memorable trips. There are many on my list. But number one is in Mexico and the other one is in Guatemala. I have done those two countries together. So, there is one thrilling story attached to it. Back when I was residing in Australia and came to Mumbai to visit my parents. I was supposed to leave for Guatemala in four days, and immediately a piece of breaking news came into the world with an alarming warning: "Guatemala's volcanoes have erupted and flights have suspended, people are leaving the villages, everyone is running away from the country. So, don’t travel !!. But everything was booked from flights to stay and you know how expensive it is to travel to the USA, especially central America, so I had to take my flight from Dallas to  Guatemala, so I convinced myself that “You know what it's fine so let’s do it !! ”, I  am taking the flight to Dallas and if the next flight doesn't fly to Guatemala, it's okay I will just explore Texas and come back. But I don’t know if somehow there was one flight which was running. I got on it and went there and saw the volcanoes erupting, we could even hear the sound of the blast, it was scary though at the same time I felt I was lucky enough to see natural beauty. I stayed there for a weekend when the volcano erupted but I was safe. And second is Mexico because everyone thinks that you die if you go to Mexico or you get tangled in some drug scandal and it's a bad place. But in my opinion, it's a very beautiful place with lots of cultures, food, and history. Mexico is an amazing country, everyone should visit this place. And I am glad I have been there.

Bali is my favourite place which I don't mind visiting repeatedly. Every time I go there I feel more connected to it, also the people there are incredibly welcoming and nice. Also, the food is not a problem if you are not a meat eater. Then you get vegetarian options too. It's also very nearby where I live, so it's easy to go there. Bali is such a magnificent place which is safe too so if  I want to go alone I can also go there.

Q4)What tools do you use to create content and monetize your blog? Which works best for you?

So, if I am creating content like reels I  prefer using Instagram directly from fonts to everything, keeping it simple, and sometimes when Instagram gives me glitches I use Inshot to put effects to my video. If I am editing pictures, I use Lightroom. I haven’t used any paid applications to date, always gone for free applications, even canva. I don’t believe in editing so much that the public can’t see the real picture. I like to keep it natural as much as I can. Sometimes you have to edit the light and contrast of the picture. Those who work in the niche segment use paid applications but as a content creator like me, I don’t think there is any need. Regarding the ads, they are automated and the team takes care of them.

Q5) 3 tools you regularly use for digital/written content? ✍

Ms word is your best friend and I don't use any other tools. I just write on my blog and save them. For branded articles, I  usually use Ms word because correcting the spelling is very useful. I don’t think as a writer you need any other tools.

Q6) How do you choose your next trip location, are there any preference parameters?

No preference, I don't mind going anywhere. Australia is my trip once a year since it is my second home. So this time  I was thinking of exploring the countryside of Australia. But usually, there is no preference. I don't mind going in any weather. Unless it is the high season, I avoid it because the price rises and is too crowded. In the mid-season and off-season, I can go anywhere. Research is my priority though but sometimes it also depends on my mood whether I want to travel for a long journey or not. Like this year I have travelled a lot, every single month so I will not go for long-haul flights. I will prefer to go on short or medium-haul flights.


Q7)Have you been anywhere which turned out to be different from how you imagined? 

Hmm...That’s a difficult question to answer. Because I do thorough research of a place before I go. So I usually know where I am landing. I don’t know about the differences but probably Japan ⛩ when I went there. I don’t know what I was expecting as such. It was a cultural shock to be there, it was a completely different world for me. I expected a  hi-tech and modern country, which it was but it was also much more culturally grounded than I expected. In Japan, I took a road trip where I found that villages are of mediaeval culture which I found very shocking.

 Q8)Have you had any bad experiences whilst travelling?

Actually yes, this was in Goa. It was a few years ago, around 6yrs ago. I have gone with my cousins. So this whole incident happened on South Goa’s beach. We were at the beach and we wanted to have lunch at the same time go to the washroom. I entered the restaurant and ask the manager “Can I use the washroom?” they said, “No, you cannot you have to eat first”.We were like okay fine we will do it anyways we had to have lunch. So, I will use the washroom and we were sitting down there, we checked the menu but we genuinely didn't like it. We wanted to have a fish thali but then we decided that we should order a drink and then from somewhere else we will eat our lunch. And the person who was taking the order started fighting with us by forcing us to eat there only. By that time I was practising as a lawyer, so they fought with us. I straightway went to the police station and filed a complaint. That fight was pretty bad as local people also joined them & they were attacking us. And the police said that that particular restaurant is owned by some political party so this happens. And they were glad that we reported them. 

Q9) What would you advise yourself if you are starting as a travel content creator again?

Hm. I would say believe in yourself, back yourself. Be confident, don’t worry about what the world says. Don’t think about the fact that you were not supposed to do this but you want to do it now, focus on it and work hard. 

Q10) What has travel taught you?

 The lesson I have learned from travel are as follows:

  • To be patient
  • To be adaptable to new places 
  • To respect different cultures.
  • To be open-minded to different kinds of food which are there in the world, you just can’t expect what you were already eating at your home.
  • Just because people are different doesn’t mean they are not like you. When you start talking to people you will start understanding that our core values and issues are the same and somewhere or other you will feel connected to people who are from different places. So you are never alone when you are travelling unless you are not open-minded to new experiences.

Q11) If you were not travelling what would you be doing instead?

I would love to be in the profession of sports because when I was in college I was a badminton player for about seven years. I love sports and working out. So as an alternative career I would love to do something in that. If I am not into travel then probably I would be a badminton player. I guess that is the reason why I love hiking and going out in nature and exploring.

Q12) What is your roadmap as a blogger/content creator?

To be honest, I used to have huge goals like in 5 yrs I want to see myself here and in 10 yrs I want to see myself here but with time I  have learned that it is always best to think of where I am right now and keep working on it. If you are working hard and talented, things will fall into place. For example, working with a tourism board was never in my plan and it started happening because I gave my 100 % and which is why I usually don’t have plans. But my best plan is to keep working, earning, saving, and investing. I believe that I have to keep working with brands and travelling. But it is nothing like, I have to be out of the box and people have to know me and all. If you are good at something you will always shine. I am a person who lives in the present. That is something I have learned with experience and ultimately you work for your future.

Interviewer - Do you have any regrets? 

Kadambari - No, not really. I used to think that was why I had not taken this opportunity earlier. But honestly speaking I don't think I  knew myself earlier as I was young at that time and used to feel bad for myself but in hindsight, it's good because I went through the entire journey. Whatever happened it turned out to be good.


Our conversation with Kadambari Bhatte illustrated that with the course of life everything will fit into the space, you need not worry so much about life just work hard and believe in yourself and love what you do❤️, eventually things will turn out good for you no matter where you are right now. If she can achieve all her dreams, you can too for sure.





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